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15/02/2012 12:06:16
Re: Annual Leave Balance and OT

dear sir/madam
hi and good day to you

i have a questions regarding the AL balance and OT calculation for employees with salaries more than RM1500 since they are not covered under the EA.

1) if the employees is not covered by the EA (salary >1500) how to calculate the AL balance?
can the company set up certain amount to be paid to the employees based on the AL balance? (eg: AL balance > 5 days = rm200)

2) how about their OT calculation on normal days, sunday/off day & Public Holiday?

your help is much aprreciated. TQ

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KL Siew
15/02/2012 14:54:43
1. The company has to be fair, don't shortchange them. Alternatively, tell them staff take all their available leave each year so that the company will not have to incur extra.

2. The EA can always be used as a guide and pay them accordingly if staff are required to work on those occasions.
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15/02/2012 22:35:28
But about this question is there any law that covers those above 1.5k salary on the OT?

Are they entitle to claim on OT?

What's the calculation for them such as extra hours on workday, offdays & publick holidays?

**All above is for employee salary above 1.5k EA does not covered them..
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KL Siew
16/02/2012 09:43:25
When there is no law try to protect your own interests. Negotiate with them. They don't pay, you don't work, that's all.
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04/04/2012 17:24:13
Dear Sir,

Hope you can help with my question.

A staff resign with 3 months notice 1/3/2012 to 31/5/2012. He still has 10 days balance of leave. Due to this he can leave early on 17/5/2012 after taking into account of his annual leave balance (base on working days only). Do the company still need to pay his 10 days balance of leave?

Thanks for your help.
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