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13/02/2012 13:03:16
Re: 24 Hours Resignation Notice

I took a job in Dec, 2011 (on contract basis). Till now I have not received any formal contract or letter of appointment. The salary paid to me was also not the amount agreed upon.

Now I want to leave the company. Since I have not signed any form of contract nor received any letter of appointment, can I hand in a 24hours notification of resignation? Further, I am told that I am still under probation.

Your advice is most appreciated.
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KL Siew
13/02/2012 14:28:45
Well, since they did not honour their part of the deal, you can do the same, I suppose.
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13/02/2012 17:48:29
In future whenever you accept a new job, get the appointment letter before you start work.
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