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13/02/2012 12:14:46
Re: Deduction of wages

I joined a company (factory) 3 Jan 2012, during CNY I had deducted 3 days unpaid leave (24/1, 25/1 and 26/1). My monthly pay is RM X,XXX, my company deduction is RM X,XXX / 26 days, not like my previous company using RM X,XXX/ 30 days. I had clarify with Labour Office, the officer told me my HR calculation is wrong and against law. I had feedback to my HR and mentioned to me they calculation is correct because our factory practising ORP (Ordinary Rate of Pay), this formula apply to all including unpaid leave and this is confirm right by Labour Office. I am confuse as the officer told me annual leave is some sort of benefit to staff, so AL will calculate base on 26 days, whereby unpaid leave is not same category with AL, so it should count base on calendar days and for a monthly pay employee, he should pay by every single day of the month including rest day and Sunday. Most of our office staff is new and they do work in other factory before, they previous company is devide by celendar day not 26 days. Do you have any idea pertaining this ORP and unpaid leave?

So, what should we do?

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KL Siew
13/02/2012 14:22:25
Since you have clarified with the Labour Office, you better follow up with them.
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16/02/2012 17:55:14
I also confused.

my company is deduct by 26days. Think deeply is also same... when we apply unpaid leave company deduct based on 26days, but when other leave such as medical leeave, company leaves, also based on 26days.

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