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11/02/2012 19:06:00
Re: Force to resign immediately by HR Manager.

Dear sir,
I'm working as Human Resource executive and directly reports to human resource manager. I have joined on November 2011 and have been confirmed my position on February 2012 (Three months probation). During my probation period I have closely with my manager till now. But now after confirmation is made, my manager always complaint and scroll me because my performance is unsatisfactory and she asked to stay back and to complete all works until night. I also following my manager instruction and stay back complete all work. But she still not happy and suddenly ask to tender resignation or otherwise can't work with me' said my manager. She also informed to me that she will trust me again of my work and forge me to tender resignation. Further more, during the conversation with my manager, she have took my personal phone and switch off, lock into her personal drover. She also mentioned to me that she will the security if I not tender resignation immediately.

I have do idea and planing to leave the company because I'm just joined three months ago. I never received any verbal or warning letter from my manager.

please me on this matter that what I need to you?
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KL Siew
11/02/2012 20:47:56
Just don't resign. If she is not happy with you, let her sack you if she wants. Meanwhile, you better start looking for another job. You don't want to work with someone who is not happy with you. But, don't resign.
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