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10/02/2012 16:07:56
Re: Unpaid Leave

Dear Siew,

If an employee applied for 5days unpaid leave from Mon-Fri, should we pay the employee for offday & restday?
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KL Siew
10/02/2012 17:02:44
I think it is up to the company. If the company really want to discourage staff from taking unpaid leave, better to have a clear written policy on it.
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08/06/2012 13:07:30

I have similar question.

I aplied leave As i don't have from 21st march to 27th april, out of which 14 days paid annual leave and other 7(In duration) unpaid annual leave to go for vacation , after i come back, again i applied another paid annual on 27th April.(because i entailed for another 2 days annual leave for march & April which considered before i go vacation).

Our comp pay roll is 24th to 23 th every month.

Working days : Monday to Friday

April month pay is paid on 1 st may in which they paid around half salary, which mean paid annual leave payment, other all they deduct including saturday & sunday.
1. My question is, is employer have rights to deduct weekly off salary (i.e saturday & sunday during unpaid annual leave)?

If not can lodge complain against employer?

Again come to May month pay paid on June1, i start my work on 2nd may.

Reasons, 27th is Friday my leave end, 28th april is saturday, 29th April sunday, 30th April monday PH, 1st thuesday may PH, Wednesday 2nd May i start work.

My employe deduct 9 day salary.

How they deduct ?

They suppose to deduct 24th, 25th,26th only, as after come back from vacation i applied another paid annual leave on 27th April..

If i am applied Paid annual leave on 27th again also, they suppose to start my pay roll from 28th onwards, is it correct as per labor law?

2.Now they telling we cant do any thing our calculation is like this, is it correct?
Can complain against Employer?

As because immidiate next working after weekly off i start my work, as per my knowledge, if any employee present to work either before or after weekly off, employer must pay weekly off payment in salary.

In my case, i am safer side for both document,

1. I applied paid AL on 27th April Friday. (Based on this they must start pay roll 27th onwards all days)
2. I start my work on 2nd May, Wednesday, which immediate working after weekly off.(Dased on this no rule to deduct saturday & sunday pay)

My Employer telling they calculate, based on how many working day day you worked in that week.
According to them, if Employee take unpaid leave from Monday to Thursday in any week & start work on same week friday, they deduct front coming saturday & sunday salary.

How nonsense this rule!!!!!!!!!

Pls advise, if my understanding is correct, which section defines this statement.
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