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10/02/2012 11:15:13
Re: Annual Leave Calculation

Hi Mr Siew,

If an employee date joined is on 5/10/2011, the annual leave formula calculation:

- 2mths (Nov & Dec 2011) divided by 12mths x 8 days = 1.33, i.e. 1 day annual leave entitlement ?
- 88days (5/10 till 31/12/2011) divided by 12 mths x 8 days = 1.93, ie. 2 days annual leave entitlement?

Please help! Thanks!

EA clause 60E Annual Leave
"if he has not completed twelve months of continuous service with the same employer during the year in which his contract of service terminates, his entitlement to paid annual leave shall be in direct proportion to the number of COMPLETED MONTHS of service:

Provided that any fraction of a day of annual leave so calculated which is less than one-half of a day shall be disregarded, and where the fraction of a day is one-half or more it shall be deemed to be one day."

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10/02/2012 12:18:10
If the emloyee joined on 5/10/11 & last working day is on 4/12/11. Exactly 2months, the calculation as followS:-

2/12*8days= 1.3, is 1 day AL.

If last working day is on 31/12/11, then the calculation as follows:-

2.5/12*8days= 1.67, is 1.5day AL.

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06/03/2012 01:41:05
my company not alowed me to have an advance leave.they calculate in purata which means every month i entitle to have 0.6 day leave only.i wondering that its under labour law?awaiting your prompt reply.thanks
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23/05/2012 13:25:25
hi, i have work in the company for 2 years and now planning to resign. the company HR told me that there isn't any leave calculation for me because my salary is more then RM1500. May i know is it true that i couldn't get any calculation annual leave?
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kim looi
03/02/2013 21:06:39
starteel working date 1/12/2010
calculation 31/12/2012 who many total day
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