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10/02/2012 00:12:11
Re: short notice 而赔偿公司

1. 辞职一个月通知是以信上面的日期算起,还是人事收到那天算起?
- 我交了辞职信给总公司人事部,信上面的日期是20/1/2012,但因为我工作的地点和总公司不同州属,加上新年假期的因素,总公司人事部在2/2/12 才收到我的信。
2. 如根据信上的日期,原本我是应该做到20/2/2012,但我要提早离职,做到10/2/2012.。人事部告诉我不足一个月通知必须赔偿公司,赔法是: 2月薪水算到10号,过后再要赔偿的天数会从这10天薪水里倒扣。这样分分钟我不是没有薪水出?

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10/02/2012 12:27:57
I think it doesnt mention in the EA 1955. But it depends on your company policy. As for my company, we practise that the resignation letter date is the effective date
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KL Siew
10/02/2012 14:23:49
To make it clearer, Section 12(4) of the EA quoted below may help to clarify which one of you is more correct:

"12(4) Such notice shall be written and may be given at any time, and the day on which the notice is given shall be included in the period of the notice. "

However, your case is arguable. Consulting the Labour Office may help.
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