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26/03/2010 10:49:24
Re: medical

1)General Medical test for your understanding is what meaning?
2)Training on saturday consider leave or OT. Working day morning to Friday.
3)pregnancy medical expenses can allow to claim. Base on our company rules not mention this matter.
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KL Siew
26/03/2010 14:43:17
1. This may be a term used by your company, ask your HR department or consult the company handbook.
2. Normally the staff are not expected to make a farce of it as such training may be for their benefit and is not conducted very often. However, the staff may ask the HR whether they should be paid extra or not.
3. This is also something to be clarified with your HR.
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02/04/2010 22:15:51
is there such thing as pro-rata payment on medical fee,i.e. if one is entitle for RM600.00 per year then on the month of march , one is entitle to 3/12 x RM600=RM150.00, and if the medical claim is RM200,it is consider exceed the allowable amount
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