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05/02/2012 19:32:32
Re: Salary Paid Date

Hi Mr siew,

we paid our employee's basic pay on last day of the current month & other allowances & OT will pay in the following mth. Is this lawful?

for example.
- 1/1/2012 till 31/1/2012 basic pay = paid on 31/1/2012
- OT, OT meal allowance, incentive, transport allowance we compute from 13/1/2012 till 12/2/2012 = paid on 28/2/2012.

Thank you!
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KL Siew
06/02/2012 09:08:46
You may have to do it ff you really have no other ways of paying OT and other allowances earlier. Should you have problems with the employees involved, may have to consult the local Labour Department.
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