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03/02/2012 09:04:57
Re: Emplyment Letter

Dear Sir,

Under Sarawak Labor Ordinance, does employer need to provide employment letter to employee? What is the format of this employment letter? thank you
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KL Siew
03/02/2012 10:45:59
I think you wouldn't go wrong if the letter contains the following items which are stated in Regulations 5(b) of the Employment Regulations under the Employment Act. For Sarawak, there may also be a Regulations at the back of the Ordinance. I have not seen that Regulations, you can check it up with a Sarawak Labour Office. .

(b) Details of terms and conditions of employment:

(1) Name of employee and National Registration Identification Card No:

(2) Occupation or appointment;

(3) Wage rates (excluding other allowances);

(4) Other allowances payable and rates;

(5) Rates for overtime work;

(6) Other benefits (including approved amenity and service);

(7) Agreed normal hours of work per day;

(8) Agreed period of notice for termination of employment orwages in lieu;

(9) No. of days entitlement to holidays and annual leave with pay;

(10) Duration of wage period;
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