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02/02/2012 12:43:44
Re: annual leave and chinese new year extra holiday

Hi Mr. Siew,

Would like to seek for advice on the following:

1. I would like to know is it true that normally number of days of annual leave to staff will be different according to post?
for example: an executive 1-2 year: 8 days
a manager 1-2 year: 10 days
most companies practice the above?

2. Chinese new year extra holiday is deducted from staff's annual leave or an employer cannot do so?
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KL Siew
02/02/2012 14:03:03
1. I don't see anything wrong with that.
2. If the employees are not happy about it, they can always complain to the Labour Department.
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07/02/2012 16:42:28
Dear Joanne,
You may refer to section 60E.
Min of AL should be given to all staff is 8day for less than 2 years and so on. If the company give more than the EA, there shouldn't any issue. As long as they must follow the min of the EA.
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