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02/02/2012 11:08:41
Re: Probationer Resigned & Leave Accrued

Hi Sir/Mdm,

I would like to seek your advice. We have a probationer resigned before the end of his probation period. He worked for nearly 85 days.
Normally, during probation period, staff are not allowed to apply for the paid leave. All leave applied will be deemed as unpaid leave. Paid leave will only be granted upon confirmation.
For this case, i'm doubt if the accrued paid leave should be paid to this staff ?
His yearly leave entitlement is 10 days.
please advise. thank you

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KL Siew
02/02/2012 13:59:34
He should be entitled to prorated leave to the number of completed months of service.
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03/02/2012 08:46:25
Dear KL Siew,

Thanks alot for the advice and confirmation.
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