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31/01/2012 15:50:34
Re: Change of Job Function

Our company driver had a mild stroke. Doctor has certified him as unfit to be a driver but can perform other light duties. We had recruited a new driver and we are considering to place him as a guard (lower pay) as we don't have other suitable job for him.

Q1. Can we offer him as a guard with a lower pay?

Q2. What if he does not agree with the new job?
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KL Siew
31/01/2012 18:44:10
Talk to him first and see what he has to say. I think you better discuss the situation with SOCSO , whether he is entitled to anything under SOCSO.
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02/02/2012 00:04:40
He rejected the offer as guard but we decided to offer him as office clerk on compassionate ground. Now there's a change of job fucntion, can we re-package (lower) his salary? Would there be any legal issue with Labour Dept or IR later?

He's not entitle for any compensation under SOCSO.

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KL Siew
02/02/2012 08:21:24
You still have to discuss the issue with him see any mutual agreement can be reached. If you wish, why not you approach the IR Department and get some advice from the officer by giving him more details
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