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25/03/2010 14:51:13
Re: Probation Period

I new joined the company for almost 6mths, but until now the company no given confirmation letter, due to the company staff, the company usually for probation period are 6mths. I want to tender my resign letter, is it 24 hrs notices? but the offer letter status during probation period need 7days (a week notices), Thanks!!
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KL Siew
25/03/2010 19:52:49
Then you will have to give 7 days notice.
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15/04/2010 16:23:53
Dear sir

would appreciate if you could explain the meaning of the clause below:

during probation period, each party must not give less than 24 hours written notice or one month basic salary in lieu of notice.

can resigned 24 hours? or must give 1 month notice or else staff need to pay 1 month basic salary
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