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30/01/2012 17:50:49
Re: What are the drawbacks for employee if resign notice is 3 months? tq

Why certain companies need 3 months resign notice?
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KL Siew
30/01/2012 20:04:07
For those who are the job hopping type and who like to jump from one job to another for whatever reasons, they may feel longer notice is a drawback. For those who ares highly qualified and in good demand in the job market, even thought there is longer notice period, they will still go and potential employers are always willing to buy them out. Notice period works both ways as it affects both employers and employees. For bad employees, it can be a drawback for the employers because they will have keep them longer as a result of the longer notice period required or pay more compensation. Longer notice period may be good for this category of employees. So, whether there are drawback or not, depends how we look at it, I suppose.
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31/01/2012 11:12:38
comprehensive ! tks
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