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28/01/2012 16:06:37
Re: 如果员工拿超过了annual leave 要如何?

扣工钱吗?还有,如果员工没来做工,只是通知生病了,要如何?sms 而已。。
一个员工规定有几天sick leave ?
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KL Siew
28/01/2012 17:27:36
That will be no pay leave. If sick, must have sick certificate from doctor. For details read up Part 12 of the EA about sick leave and others.
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siew chin
04/02/2012 10:38:11
a HR Executive, monthly salary is RM2600.00 joint the company @16/11/11 . at 6/1/2012 start MC ( hospital wad until 18/1/2012 ) out from the wad the MC is until 31/01/2012 my question is:
1) The Company entitle Sick Leave 14days is that same with hospitalisation leave ? or in the other way can i ask , is that she is entitle only sick leave is 14 days or need to plus another 60 days hospital ? or any other way to calculate?

2) In The MC Written date is direct 6/1/2012 To 31/01/2012 in between this period there have some public holiday like Chinese New Year and off day , is that this Holiday & Off Day consider as sick leave or not?
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20/03/2012 16:54:40
nini, for more safety, don't let them over take.
Are you under HR or admin? can come out a memo to announce new rules.
Ask employee to give call to HR. mentioned not allow sms or you accept sms, depend on your company. If apply medical leave should attach medical certificate, if not, treat as absent.

I'm not sure how was your company rules, is it after continuous 12 months service or upon join or confirmed.

If after 12 months, it will not over take.
If upon joined or confirmed, you can mentioned 1 month can take how many days. AL not like MC.
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14/04/2012 07:05:29
thank you all your professional answer,
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