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19/01/2012 13:37:17
Re: Regarding incentive

Currently I work in retailing shop and work as a product advisor. Our shop is operate like francise and selling productt of other company. If we sell certain product of that company, that company will give us incentive for that product, and the incentive amount suject to the type of product.

But the problem is after two or three month that company only will process the incentive and pass to our company. Our company has set a rule that if after resign three month, any incentive receive from that company will automaticly hold by our company and will no given to employee. Our company given reason that, because it is very troublesome to contact employee after resign.

May I know it is reasonable? If not reasonable, got any law or law case I can use to fight back my incentive?

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KL Siew
19/01/2012 16:02:32
I think it is the system that causes the problem. It has nothing to do with the law. However, if you know how much is the incentive due to you and you have proof of it, you still can make complaint to the Labour Department to get back the money.
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Cindy Lua
20/01/2012 20:05:37
According to the S.19 EA1955 employer shall pay the wages not later then 17days after the last day of any wage period....and the case can refer to the DG.

I just wonder does the incentive has being define as part of the wages or not ?
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KL Siew
21/01/2012 09:04:18
We don't know for sure. Let the department look into it and decide when the time comes.
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29/01/2012 12:12:18
so may I know how to make complaint to Labour Department? Can you provide me the email or hotline that can contact directly to Labour Department.
And may I know how long it take to process it?
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