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13/01/2012 15:19:14
Re: Prolong MC

An employee joined the company on 17 October 2011 as despatch boy. He met with an accident on 17 Dec (Saturday) and broke his hand. He didn't go to see the doctor immediately. He only went to see the doctor on 20 Dec (Tuesday). He has not been hospitalized but he has been on MC ever since. He submitted MC from Hospital Universiti Malaya. He has been given MC from 21 Dec until 10 Jan 2012. Which means that he was on MC for 8 days in Dec. He didn't come to work on 11 Jan 2012. On 13 Jan he texted saying he's going for his check up and extending his MC. Do we have to pay him for his MC and how can we terminate him? He is still under probation and performance has been unsatisfactory.

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KL Siew
15/01/2012 08:01:55
You have to pay as long as there is valid mc and sick leave entitlement. Should not terminate the service of employee who is on sick leave.
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