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13/01/2012 09:41:44
Re: Off days and Leave

Greetings, I am from Sarawak and currently work in a non-profit organization, i have 2 questions regarding off days and leave.
1) I work 5 and half days per week, and Sunday is my normal working day, 01-01-2012 is Sunday and Public Holiday while 02-01-2012(Monday) is a Public Holiday Replacement set by Government which that day also my weekly off day, Do i get a replacement holiday because of it?
2)05-01-2012 is a normal working day for me but due to sudden flood i could not go to work. Can i using my off day to replace that day instead of taking a leave for it?
Thank you...
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KL Siew
13/01/2012 13:25:59
1. If Sunday is your normal working day, then when a PH falls on it, you either get a holiday on that day or if you work, you will either get salary/26 x 2 or a replacement if you agree.

2. For that, you can always make arrangement with the employer how to go about it. .
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