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Ms Lee
11/01/2012 09:46:54
Re: Force Non Pay Leave for unconfirmed staff


I have been working for a few months as a full-time staff since last year.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and the company required everyone to take a few days compulsory leave. As I am not yet confirmed and not fulfill one year of service, it will be non pay leave.

The company announces that there will be company trip end of the year and we have to take leave for the trip. But at that time I might be confirmed, but still not earn my annual leave. It will also be non-pay leave.

The company practices "grant leave on annual basis" I will not get my leave until January 2013.
Somemore if you join in later than 6th of the month, the leave will not be calculated.
I felt this is not fair.

Thank you
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KL Siew
11/01/2012 11:23:43
Wherever there is a festive season, such problems always come up. I think it is quite unfair to ask the workers to use their own leave or no pay leave for the entire period of shut down. I think all of you should bring the matter up with the Labour Department see whether they can help to solve the problems.
For leave entitlement, one has to complete 12 months service to be entitled to paid annual leave.
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Ms Lee
11/01/2012 12:38:57
Dear Mr Siew,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

The company mentions that it is unfair for them too because our multi-ethnic multi-cultural country has too much holidays. By the way, my company follows Selangor holiday and does not observe Nuzul Al-Quran.

Can they do this?

Thank You
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KL Siew
11/01/2012 14:04:12
Among the holidays, the company is required to observe at least 10. Beyond those, it is up to the company to choose or not to choose other holidays.
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