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25/03/2010 11:00:11
Re: Suspension-unjustified

A staff being suspension for 14 days (full pay from 19/3 to 01/04). During the period, found that no evidence of what we suspected him for.

Question: since it is unjustified case, we will dispense the misconduct. shall we wait until 01/04? what should we do?what letter we should issue to him since the miscondut is unjustified? can we call him back to work before 01/04?
If company do not want to keep him, what can we do?
Please advise..thanks.
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KL Siew
25/03/2010 12:39:51
1. Tell him to come back to work as he was not guilty of any misconduct.

2. If you say he is not guilty and yet you want to sack him then you will have a very big problem. However, you can discuss with him the best way to part so that both parties are happy.
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Mohd Raziz Bin Ahmad
25/04/2010 00:03:31
Re : Downgread from Retail Supervisor Position to Senior Retail Assistance Due to Outlet Closing and Staff Transfer.

Question : I have been working with my recent employee for almost 1 year already.But due to lack of profit,they have decided to close the outlet where i have been working until now.The problem is,i wil be downgread from Retail Supervisor position to Senior Retail Assistance at new nearby outlet.At the same time,there is a vacancy for the same position in the very same department at that outlet.I was informed that the downgread issue wasn't because of lack of performance from me,yet they only inform that i would just being downgread and did ask me to write a letter of agreement of the downgread issue.Kindly advice me on this matter.Is there any section in labour act that can help me?.
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