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03/01/2012 14:51:00
Re: Force to transfer as a PA to PR

I was appointed as a Personal Assistant to a Senior Manager (In Properties Unit) since year 2003. I have performance well in the past few years until now i also awarded as Systematic Staff. However, in June 2010 the Management has decided to transfer me from the Properties Unit to the Plantation Unit and the CEO was vobally told me the reason to transfer me because they need my help to assist the new Senior Manager who will join in September 2010 since the current PA in Unit Plantation didn't performance her duties. Currently, 28 December 2011 the management has decided again to transfer or temporary transfer me back to Properties Unit but as a PR. I would like to know is the Management has the right to transfer a staff more then 1 time in 1 year without giving any reason and do they has the right to transfer me from PA post to PR? What i can do? I really need help and advice. Thanks
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KL Siew
04/01/2012 12:24:19
Actually, the employer has the right to deploy his staff to any department where his/her services are needed. I think it is also good for the staff because that means wider working experience which may be good for the resume and better employment prospect.
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