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02/01/2012 21:46:43
Re: Can employee deduction the salary after resignation ?

I resigned during probation period and given 1 day notice. The employee accepted my resignation and promise i will recieve my final payment .
However , there a deduction on the final payment which he didnt told me about it when i resign. The reason he give is due to my mistake during my emploment period which i think is part of his fault too. Can i claim back the deduction ?
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02/01/2012 22:03:35
My salary is RM 1500.00.
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KL Siew
03/01/2012 14:18:33
Since you gave only one day notice, your employer has the right to deduct your salary for indemnity. Consult the Labour Office see whether you stand a chance to .get back your salary or not. But .I doubt you can succeed.
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