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Ocean Thing
23/12/2011 11:58:33
Re: Compulsory Leave

My company going to shut down operation from 28/12/2011 till 03/01/2012, and management need us to take personal annual leave. A notice saying:
"During the plant shutdown exercise, staff with annual leave shall consume their leave. As for those staffs that do not have any annual leave balance, Company shall grant advance annual leave."

2. Management have do this twice in year 2011, first time on 25/04/2011 to 02/05/2011 (5 days force leave) and second time is now 28/12/2011 to 03/01/2012 (4 days force leave). Many colleague has out of their annual leave because of this exercise.

3. May I know that a company management can force their employee to take annual leave because company shut down?


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KL Siew
23/12/2011 12:25:20
I think there is need for you to bring the matter to the attention of the Labour Office.
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