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22/12/2011 11:42:07
Re: Maximum Working Hours

Hi Sir,
Would appreciate if you could advise me on below matters.

I'm working in Retail industry and recently my company set a new rule which all retail staff require to work 5 Full Shift (10am to 10pm) and there have no official lunch break and dinner break in between (employees are allowed to go out and buy food but have to take their meal inside the office but not allowed to take their meal outside the office).

I have calculated the total working hours which is 60 hours per week (12 hours x 5 days), seems like it already contradicting Malaysia Labour Law. Can I lodge a report to labour office?

Further, according to my employment contract, I am entitled to full medical claims but end up they only allow me to claim 50%, what should I do on this?

Lastly, my company doesnt issue an official confirmation letter to me after probation but only issue an Memo to account dept. I have not signed anything on that particular memo...Can I consider myself as a confirmed staff or I can straight leave this company since I didnt really signed any confirmation letter?

Your advise is highly appreciated.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
22/12/2011 17:22:05
Yes, you can lodge complaint about the issues at the Labour Office.
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20/01/2012 00:20:54
Sir how about part time employee? is there any different?
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