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21/12/2011 17:24:03
Re: IR Issue

A staff who was under probation was terminated with 7days notice with no reasons given (accordingly to the appontment letter). The staff has now made a police report against the company citing unfair dismissal. She has informed the company that this police report would be used for reference as she intends to lodge another report with the IR. Subsequently we found some receipts and monetary collection missing (which is under her charge). The company counter lodged a police report against her on this.
At this stage, is it necessary for the company to approach the IR first in anticipation that this staff will lodge the report as informed? Or the company just wait and see if the staff really carries out her intention to do so? My boss had wanted to "make the first move" by going to IR first. Would appreciate your advice.
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KL Siew
21/12/2011 18:43:13
There is nothing to stop your boss from going to IR first. But I think IR Department may not be able to take any action without having received complaint from the staff. Still, no harm trying.
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29/11/2012 07:54:34
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