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14/12/2011 20:47:23
Re: Employee Earning Commission from Other Companies

I have an employee (salesperson) whom I was planning to terminate this Friday for continuously bad performance and attitude problems.

Today, I found out that this employee was making sales for other companies (earning commission from the other companies). These sales quotes were created on the office computer during work hours.

I have terminated her employment but I would like to know if there is anything else I can do to receive some sort of compensation?
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14/12/2011 21:06:26
I would like to add that while I was searching her work computer I have reason to believe that she has been taking multiple MC in order to carry out work not related to the company.

According to terms of employment, termination by either party requires either 1 month notice or 1 month's salary.

I feel quite used because I have been trying for months to work with her to overcome her mistakes and be understanding about her "MC" (which the company has been compensating).

And now, her final win is that I must pay her 1 more month salary if I want her to leave right now.
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KL Siew
15/12/2011 09:23:47
I think you may be liable to pay a month salary as indemnity in lieu of notice and other dues, if she were to complain. If she had done something wrong, a domestic inquiry should have been conducted first before deciding to terminate her service with immediate effect.
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