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10/12/2011 15:34:00
Re: Do Not Pay Salary

I work for sampling promoter under agent company for product F & N during 7/8 ,14/15 May and 18/19 Jun 2011.Until now( Dec 2011) i still havent receive my salary. My agent delay the time to in salary to my account for almost half year period.
What can I do??
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KL Siew
10/12/2011 21:02:53
Tell your agent that if you still don't get your salary soon, you are going to complain to the Labour Office.
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27/12/2011 19:46:19
Sir I Would Like To Inquire, A Friend Of Mine, Works Part Time At A Fair, For A Bridal Shop On 25th December Does She Deserve Extra Salary....Actually Her Salary Per Day Is Rm 40 But Her Boss Told Her That Day She Will Only Be Paid Rm 40....Is It Ok For Me To Make A Complain At Labour Office
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