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24/03/2010 19:59:36
Re: Amah employment law

Hi there, I have recently moved to Penang and I want to make sure that I abide by the Malaysian law with my conditions of employment with my amah. My first amah I had huge problems with and ended up firing her therefore I am now interviewing. What annual leave, sick leave, public holidays etc are they entitled to? Is it two weeks notice or payment in lieu of notice if I fire her? Also - I will be travelling a lot and will not require her services about 5 weeks a year - must I pay her for that period or is it negotiable? I understand amahs are usually paid one months salary bonus a year - does that cover their annual leave? She will be a part time, not live in, amah. Any help on any of these questions would be much appreciated.
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KL Siew
24/03/2010 20:17:40
Except for the 14 days notice for termination of service, the provisions of such benefits like annual leave, sick leave, public holidays etc etc under the Employment Act are not applicable to amah who is a domestic servant. As such, terms and conditions of service pertaining to wages, working hours, annual leave, sick leave, holidays etc are to be negotiated and agreed upon by the parties.
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