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08/12/2011 17:52:10
Re: Employee > 60years

A staff will be 65 years old & we have been renewing his yearly contract for the past 10 years & her earning is RM100k pa. We intend not to renew his contract in year 2012 & how much are we liable to pay her

2) Can we terminate in the July 2012 even though contract signed is till Dec 2012 when we find a replacement? How much to pay?

3) Do you have any sample letter of not renewing a contract staff?
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KL Siew
09/12/2011 12:00:03
I am not sure what sort of contract about. Consult a lawyer. As far as the Employment Act is concerned, he is not covered by the Act. As such payment of termination benefits is not applicable to him.
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