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07/12/2011 11:39:53
Re: Questions

Dear Sir,

1) One of my staff has used up all his medical leave prorated for the year. Recently he took 3 days medical leave (Mon - Wed) claiming to be down with fever & flu. The HR Director has instructed to deduct his salary for 5 days of MC. This is inclusive of Sat & Sun as he worked on Fri. Is this correct? As I am in charge of issuing the salary cheque, I am afraid of the actions that might be taken by the staff.

2) Although the appointment letter states Saturday & Sunday as off days, some of my staffs have worked off site on Saturday (whole day) and half day on Sunday. Although it was 2 months back, they now want the office to give them replacement off days or pay for the day they had worked. Can they claim now. Is the company bound by law to give replacement holidays or salary?

Thank you.
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KL Siew
07/12/2011 17:13:23
You better consult the Labour Office to get an official ruling on that.
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