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06/12/2011 20:15:53
Re: Millage benefit

I'm working in telecommunication field and need to travel all around Malaysia with my own vehicle. Previously my employer paid 0.40sen per KM and i need to bare the fuel and maintenance. Even-tough 0.40sen is a min itís still enough for cover my fuel and maintenance cause I easily can get 5000Km per month.

Recently my employer gives shell card for fuel for my vehicle (personal car) and pay RM500 allowance per month for maintenance. The shell card can use for work purpose only. This system, employer forced to employees to accept to cut cost. If I ask for company vehicle also, they refused.

In this situation I'm losing a lot and feel like I bought and paying for my car to company earn. I'm paying bank loan, road tax, insurance and maintenance but company paying me RM500 per month to cover all this. If employer renting a car at outside also min RM1500per month.

Please advice and i would like to know bout the millage benefit.

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KL Siew
07/12/2011 08:58:31
Yes, that\s a very big cut. If the 0.40 cents mileage is stated in your contract of service, you can try consulting a lawyer whether there is a breach of contract or not. If nothing is stated to that effect, you may have to keep negotiating with your employer as there is no law for car mileage benefit.
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