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06/12/2011 17:15:44
Re: MC as unpaid leave

Hi Mr Siew

My current company has 2 staff including me. This is the 6th and 9th month we've been working here respectively. Our probation period supposed to be 3 motnhs but we did not get any letter saying that our probation has been extended or confirmed.

I took 2 days MC on September with MC presented and I got full salary for that month anyways although I didn't get medical claim. But, I've recently been informed by our boss that we are not entitled for any MC during probation, so they will deduct our annual leave or salary (because my colleague has only one annual leave left) to compensate that. Please advise regarding this case.

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KL Siew
06/12/2011 18:54:37
Under the Employment Act, sick leave entitlement starts from date of joining and not after probation. If your salary is over RM1500 and not covered by EA, your employer may not follow the Act.
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