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06/12/2011 16:49:58
Re: Overtime

Dear Sir,

Kindly advise us on the Overtime rate:

Public holiday is fall on Sunday, hence the subsequent Monday is the replacement for Public Holiday.

all site staff normal working day is from Monday(8am - 5pm) to Sat(8am -1pm).

I have a site staff who work on Sunday(10hrs), and 2nd site staff work on subsequest Monday(10hrs).

When we compute the OT rate, the public holiday 3x OT rate is on Sunday or Monday?

Thank you.

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06/12/2011 17:01:29
I check before with labor office
He inform me due to PH falling on Sunday, the following day will declare as replacement so Sunday still double pay, and Monday will become triple pay ( basic 1 + OT 2x ).
Sunday is a special day, any declared PH falling on Sunday will automatically got replacement so Sunday is Sunday, still double pay. if PH falling on weekday will get ( basic 1 + OT 2x ), if more than 8 hours, then should 3x for the following OT hours.
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