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03/12/2011 15:49:39
Re: this is my complain letter to jusco. pls leave some suggestion.

Dear HR Manager:
I was appalled by a recent encounter with one of your employees Mrs xxxxxx (fish officer). I am shocked and disappointed to be writing this latter to you today.

Here’s what happened: I was work at Mid valley mage mall-xxxxx on26, 27-11-11(Sunday) as promoter. Your employee Mrs xxxx hit my shoulder and shouts me in the customer area because of did not wearing cap. It was happen in weekend and it crowed with customer it makes me feel embarrasses and mentally hurt. Although it was a gentle hit but it hurt deeply though my mentally and emotionally. I was dumbfounded by Mrs xxxx behavior.
It was a inappropriate touch and is a very wrong practice in any organization, because once it become a threat or danger to me it could be a criminal case under government law employment act 1955.

Permanent employee cannot expect part timer as good as them, they are well trained and with a lot working experiences.

The reason that I make this complain so it won’t happen to the others again and this conflict can be avoid. I hope xxxxx CO, (M) BHD could concern about my case and take action against this kind of employee. If xxxxxx CO,(M) BHD did not take any action to Mrs xxxxxx I will bring this case to next level. I look forward to hearing from you within the next week.
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KL Siew
03/12/2011 16:18:46
Better not naming names here to avoid legal issues. You may also consult a lawyer about your case if you want.
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05/12/2011 22:01:21
ok, thank for the advice
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