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03/12/2011 13:42:50
Re: Balance of annual leave.

My company allow carry forward annual leave 5 day to next year.The balance leave can covert to cash if get the approval from supervisor.

1. The balance of the annual leave will forfeited if i never take(if supervisor not approve covert to cash)?

2. Can we have the right to take our leave rather than force by employer to covert to the cash?

Thank you!
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KL Siew
03/12/2011 14:10:52
1. If you are required to clear your leave, you have to, otherwise it can be forfeited.
2. You have the right to take your leave. If not approved because of exigencies, they have to pay cash.
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14/02/2012 09:43:56
The contract says that the balance of the AL forfeited at the end of the contract. The management don't approved the AL when you applied.
When I asked for cash in lieu of the said balance of AL, the HR showed me the contract which says that the AL being forfeited.
So it is unfair. We cannot go on leave and neither we can claim.
What to do now?

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