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02/12/2011 10:22:29
Re: Termination

Sir, i would like to ask about the termination the staff. We decide to terminate the site what we have manage. At that site, we have 3 permanent staff. If we terminate that staff, its means we don't have any vacancy for that 3 person. So our management decide to terminate the 3 of them. Its it okay, if i give them termination letter with 1 month notice?
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KL Siew
02/12/2011 14:03:48
You can do that but don't forget they have the right to complain to the authorities. Also read up the Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulations about payment of termination benefits.
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05/01/2012 11:39:22
Re : Deployment
I am working with a Public listed company , quite recently my company has sold block share to a new share holder , do my new Employer has the right to Deploy me just like that ,

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