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30/11/2011 14:58:26
Re: Calculation for salary

Basic RM2000.00/mth, working day= Monday to Saturday
In November 1 day Absent (unpaid leave),so below calculation which one is
correct for deduct salary in Nov'11?

1) RM 2000/26day x 1 day=RM 76.92 or
2) RM 2000/30 x 1 day =RM 66.66

Refer my company method is using method 2,but i refer back u previous answer to other person,u are using method 1.Please assist double confirm again which one is correct?
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30/11/2011 16:01:47
we are using the method 1. Our salary is based 26days. We'll use method 2 when the employee work for uncompleted month time.
we work 8 hours per day, 48 hours per week, 1 day off of a week, if devide by 30 days, how the above category to be fit, or your normal hours is less than 8 hours....
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30/11/2011 16:24:22
Your mean is :
Question 1: If the worker join in first month 10/11/2011,your calculation is (1)?

(1) RM 2000/30days X 21days =RM 1400.00
(2) RM2000/26days x 18days =RM 1384.62
Calculation in (2) is wrong?because some company using this method .i really confuse.

Question 2:You mean in following month ,Example in Dec2011,Worker is absent 1 day (unpaid leave)

Your are using method=1) RM 2000/26day x 1 day=RM 76.92
(If that month got 31 days and working day is 27 days,you also divided in 26 days?)

Refer both question ,If one divided 30day ,another one divided 26 days?Why difference method using?Please advise ,i really need help.Thanks a lot.
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Aries Sim
02/12/2011 12:33:02
Hai, Pink.
As our company practise is :
Q1: If the employee joined on 10/11/2011, his basic will devide according to the month day ( february /28, march/31, april /30 ).
RM2000/30days x 21days = RM1400 IF he took a day unpaid leave during November RM2000/26days x 1 day = ( RM80.77 )
RM 1400-80.77 = RM 1319.23 he will get for November salary

I also not sure is this method is valid / correct or not but it had been run in our company for 20 years++.

Q2: Yes, for unpaid leave taken, we devide by 26days irrespective of the month day. Yes, we are assume all the month are 26days, even in february, we also devide by 26days.

My superior told me, if completed 1 month service, should devide by 26days, if uncompleted due to first join or resign will devide according to month day.
Why different method, I think is becaused by completed or uncompleted month service.

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