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female kl
24/03/2010 14:55:57
Re: Salary increase

My company handbook states that yearly salary increments of minimum 10% are from 1st January . In January staff were informed that new T&C of employment would be coming into force in March now changed to April . We have had no salary review and so far no new t&C or staff handbook . Pls advise
1. Can management withhold increment
2. If I do not agree with the new T&Cs can I refuse to sign but still get my increment I am entitled to? I have been working with the company since March 2007 . My salary is over RM3K
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KL Siew
24/03/2010 15:16:11
Not knowing the details, I don't think I can say much. I would suggest you bring a copy of the handbook and consult the local Industrial Relations Department. They should be able to get give you some proper views.
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29/07/2010 15:45:43
During my probation, my monthly salary is RM 2000.00. On 8th of Jul'10, my company comfirmed me and increase my monthly salary to RM 2100.00.
So for Jul'10, how much salary i suppose to get it?
Is it
2000/31*7+2100/31*24 = 2077.42
2000/27*6+2100/27*21 = 2077.78
(my working days are Monday to Saturday)
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