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29/11/2011 16:39:36
Re: medical leave

We got a new staff commerce work from 16/10/11. He got mc certificate from 1/11/11 to 16/11/11. I wish to know he entile mc 16days or need to prorate? How to prorate? Please advise. Tq
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KL Siew
29/11/2011 17:45:40
Under the Employment Act, his entitlement is only 14 days. Sick leave cannot be prorated.
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30/11/2011 14:05:38
MC days

Just want to confirm with you that the sick leave can't prorate then how we calculate or sure that an employee is completed service of < 2 or > 2 years.
I mean is I joined on 01.06.2010, and the company procedure is cut off at 31.12.2010. every new year will have new sick leave claim. At that time I just work for half 7 months only. My query is

1. When year 2012, base on my joining date till 01.01.2012, I just service for 1 year + 7 months, will my sick leave for year 2012 is entitle for 14 days or 18 days?? I'll completed my 2 years service at 01.06.2011 and 2 years++ if till year end of 31.12.2012.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
30/11/2011 21:22:14
Sick leave is based on calendar year. As such, in 2010, you will get 14 days, 2011, you also get 14 days. By year 2012, I think you should get 18 days. Some may want to split hair by saying for Jan to May 2012, you get (14/12) x 5 and from June to Dec, you get (18/12) x 7 or about 16.5 days.
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