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29/11/2011 16:25:00
Re: Resignation Notice

Hello everyone,

I'm drafting our company handbook and have a question about resignation notice. This is what we are planning to have:
Regular employee
Less than 2 years - 1 month
Two (2) years and above - 2 months
Department heads & Supervisors - 3 months

Do we need to follow the Employment Act or are we okay to have a longer notice?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
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KL Siew
29/11/2011 16:32:06
It is OK to specify your own. But must see to it that the new rules do not conflict with the notice periods stated in the appointment letter signed before the coming into force of the handbook. Misunderstanding can arise.
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18/06/2012 21:44:31
my ex employer does not pay my last salary, 4 months epf and 3 months claims. Will other employer /my new employer know if i lodge a report at labour office?
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