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28/11/2011 15:58:55
Re: RE : Unpaid Leave

How to calculation of unpaid leave ? If a staff working is monthly salary one, basic is RM850.00/month and she take unpaid leave 1 week for November 2011. So, i need to use 26 or 30.
a) RM850.00/26 x 19 Days
b) RM850.00/30 x 23 Days

and the 1 week unpaid leave need to included sunday or not ?
Please advise, tq>>>
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28/11/2011 17:31:21
Fixed travelling allowance RM500 per month, if he take 4 days unpaid leave for Nov 2011 and for this 4 days need to deduct or not ? Use 26 or 30 ? Please advise the formula calculation for salary as below :-
a) starting working
b) resignation
c) unpaid leave
d) ot claim
e) annual leave
f) Fixed travelling allowance
*** the above said all is monthly salary ***

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KL Siew
28/11/2011 19:55:49
You have to read up the law especially Part 12 of the Employment Act for info. Try also read up the Employment Act and other labour laws if you want to work in the HR field. The Labour Department is the proper place for you to get the correct advice.
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