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28/11/2011 11:55:25
Re: Working hours for executive level and OT claim

Hi there,

I am Executive for a shipping line company in Sarawak that required me to do work in odd hour and long OT (70 -100 hrs) per month which not stated in the agreement. My normal work hour is 8am-5pm.

1. My salary now is RM3k with 30hrs (1.0 rate) OT and no other allowance. Do the company have the right to ask me to contribute extra 40 to 70 hrs a months (for 8 months already) free of charge according to labour law?

2. After office hours are that compulsory for me to answer all the phone call for 24 hrs, even at 1700hrs to 0800 hrs with average 1 to 2 calls per hours?

3. Because of workers shortage, do company have the right to ask me to cover all the works that vacant for the time being for FOC?

I have good relationship with all my top management but just good to know either this matters against malaysian labour or any law.


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KL Siew
28/11/2011 19:46:13
1. The employer .has the right to give instructions to you and you also have the right to ask to be compensated for work done outside the normal working hours. You don't do it for free.
2. I think any responsible employee should answer phone calls even after office hours. Customers should come first. They wouldn't know your problems but they can have bad impression about the company when calls are unanswered.
3. Don't be shy to voice out your problems. Such practice is quite common in the private sectors.
There is no law to say an employer cannot do this or that.
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