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27/11/2011 21:55:47
Re: Breaking of a working contract

I'm a fresh graduate from Sarawak and find a job in a new Japanese company in Sarawak. The company directly send me to Japan to undergo training which half subsidies by Japanese government. During my interview, I was promised with benefit and position level after completing my training with a 5 year contract bond. However, it was not stated in my contract and now I don't think the company will keep to their promises. My contract is just a 2 pages contract and the HR didn't brief me about company regulation as they says it all still not confirmed yet. Inside the contract it says that if I break the contract I need to pay for my replacing cost but didn't state any amount. So I would like to know what is the best option I can do now as I feel that I been cheated.
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KL Siew
28/11/2011 08:38:57
If you are not happy about something, voice it out with the HR and clarify matters. Good job opportunities may not come very easily especially with fresh graduates with no working experience. I only can suggest that you think carefully. Your family may be the best people to get advice.
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