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24/11/2011 17:21:59
Re: Please Advise

I lodge a complain to me former employer on August 2011, Finally meet up with them on Oct, after the discussion, we decided to go for hearing. Schedule made on Early Dec, but few days ago, i just received a call from Labour Office said that the Ex Employer postpone the appointment to January 2012. May i know, do we have any rules and Regulations OR any other way to make sure the case can closed asap. Or this is common, might be able to drag for few years time?
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KL Siew
24/11/2011 18:40:55
Parties can ask for postponement if the date is found to be not convenient . However,. any party that abuses the process by asking for too many postponements, the Labour Office will not allow that and the other party (like you) can protest..
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