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22/11/2011 17:25:59
Re: Bonuses - 13 month, KPI and lump sum increment

I've an issue were i wish to tender my resignation on this 2nd Dec 2011, so my last working day should be on 1st Jan 2012. Meanwhile, I've got another 8 days leave unutilize. I wanted to use the leave and get an early release on 16th Dec 2011.

The problem right now is with my bonuses and year end benefit. Which in my offer and KPI letter stated that I would entitle for it if I'm employed with the company in 31st Dec 2011. The com said that they would pay my 13 month salary if I'm working on the last two days in Dec. Meanwhile, for the KPI i would not be pay as I'm not finishing my task which is due in middle of Jan 2012. For the lump sum increment, they only pay for the staff who are still retain with the com.

Could someone please advice, provide suggestion or any idea how to deal with it? As i don't want to lose that hardwork that I'm working all this year.

Thanks in advance.
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KL Siew
23/11/2011 08:33:41
While there is still time, you better have the matter properly sorted out first before you tender you resignation. Once you submitted your resignation, you might miss the chance to get your benefits.
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