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16/11/2011 17:11:40
Re: Delay salary Payment

Kindly need your assist on my delayed salary payment for the month of October 2011.

I tender my resign letter on 7th October 2011 with 4 weeks notice and my last day should be 4th November 2011. But they request me leave early which is 27th October 2011. I tried to argue with them according to our contact, should be 4 weeks notice or payment in lieu but they insist or required by the management.

I been tried to contact directly to them for my salary status, but they are not reply to me afterward. 1stly the Director said not sure my final total amount that should transfer to me when I found out that my salary was not transfer into my account while my others ex-colleagues received the money on 31st October 2011. So, I request the admin/account staff over Sydney to double confirm with director. But the staff just reply she will check after director emailed the payment receipt to her. On 3rd November, I been tried to email both of them for the payment status, and I tried to remind them that for a resigned staff, my salary should be make during my last employment day which is delayed. and for a normal salary payment, should not later than 7th of next month. So, I requested them kindly proceed my salary payment not later than 7th of November according to the law. But no reply afterward until today. I tried to SKYPE the admin staff over Sydney to enquire about my salary status since last two days, but no reply from her at all. Therefore, I have no choice to get the help from the Professional Body which like you and Labour Department.

Appreciate if you can advice me what step I should take and how I can get back my salary as soon as possible, since today already is 16th November 2011. A lot of my payment was and expenses was affetced due to their delay payment on my salary. My Last employment date was 31st October 2011, and my last working day falls on 27th October 2011 and actually the final amount was approved by the director as per told by the admin staff during my last working day.

Thanks if you can advice me as soon as possible.
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16/11/2011 17:19:41
And another 1 is... they did not pay EPF and Socso for my Annual leave entitled.
and when they calculate my AL, they count from my 1st day working until my last working day which is 28th October, and they say cos 31st, 1st and 2nd will be my AL... not working day.
Mean if we calculate total of 118 days/365days x 8 days AL =2.59
but their calculation was 115 days/365days x 8 days AL =2.52
and they told me 0.06xRM100 = RM6 was not really a big amount but for me, RM6 still my money!

Now i loss my salary, EPF and socso as well.
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