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15/11/2011 11:39:39
Re: Boss verbally ask me to leave early after resignation

Dear Sir/Madam,

My last drawn salary is more than RM5000.00. I resigned on 30/09/2011 & the notice stated in my appointment letter is 1 month notice. On 7/10/2011, my boss verbally asked me to leave early (without giving me any official letter for this early release). Until today I have not received my final salary and other claims payment :

1) Am I entitled to one month salary i.e. 30/9/2011 - 28/10/2011(according to 1 month notice in my appointment letter)? Do I have the right to ask for that or what shall I get?

2) Can the company hold my claims and not paying me?

3) There is no annual leave entitlement stated in my letter of appointment. I have served the company for more than eight years and I seldom take annual leave, in fact none. Can I ask the company for any payment in-lieu of annual leave, at least current year annual leave?
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KL Siew
15/11/2011 16:15:08
You left without a letter from your boss can put you in a very disadvantageous position because you boss can turn around by accusing you of leaving early on your own. Anyway, since you are not covered by the Employment Act, you may have to consult a lawyer see whether you can sue in court for whatever owed to you.
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15/11/2011 21:41:08
Dear KL Siew,

Thank you very much for your advice.

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