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08/11/2011 14:50:49
Re: Pro-rated AL

How to calculate pro-rated AL for staff tender 1 month notice of resignation on 9/11/11, last working day on 8/12/11.

Joined on 11/4/10. Al entitlement less than 2 years = 8 days.
Should I calculate Al entitlement till last working day 8/12/11 or until 30/11/12 coz dec incompleted mth?

11/4/10-10/4/11= 8 days
11/4/11-8/12/11 = 8 days/12 x 7 mths (Dec -incompleted mth) =5 days (Total AL=13 days)
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KL Siew
08/11/2011 16:59:01
I would say your calculation is correct.
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