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03/11/2011 13:05:29
Re: MC not paid - Absent

I got MC from panel clinic not approve by MD.
Reason I not inform to my superior.
I did informed to HR on that day and HR e-mailed to All included my superior.

My salary for last month has 1 absent and my salary deducted.

What shall I do ?
Beside claiming back from Labor office, can I take further action to the company.
I'm feel be mistreated by company and demotivated because of this issue.

Note : My Salary is RM4500/month - Title as Senior Engineer.


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KL Siew
04/11/2011 08:16:52
You .can always consult a lawyer see whether it is worthwhile to go ahead with that.
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04/11/2011 08:58:23
Thanks sir,

Beside this issue, there are a lot of plan annual leave which always been query by MD.
My superior approved my leave but MD not satisfy with the reason.
He e-mail to everybody in the company that my reason given is not acceptable.
One of the Example :-
I plan to take leave on Friday.
Reason: to take my car at workshop which involve in accident.
Due to the distance is far (Johor to Perak), I plan to overnight and return next day.
My superior approved but MD question about why take leave near the weekend. I explained the situation and difficulty include the police report and photo of damage car. Ask for consideration the situation.
He e-mailed to all that my explanation not acceptable and take leave at near weekend is not acceptable.

It become a trend to MD that take leave is very difficult even show the evident why need to leave.

Other issue is my job scope is not clear.
Title as QA Engineer but need to follow up Sample submission also.
I'm doing QA and PE (Product Engineer) job in one time.
MD take out PE and ask me to do the job.

I.m feel so stress and decided to resign.
With all the pressure and leave to rest or something also difficult to get.
Even doctor give MC also not valid. Do you thing that I got change to win.

Please advise before I go for the lawyer.
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